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3PL Services Overview

Ardmore Power Logistics designs and implements solutions catered to each client's unique requirements.

Freight Management: inbound and outbound freight coordination

Our teams coordinate all inbound and outbound freight in concert with client purchasing professionals, logistics specialists and vendors. Our client-specific account coordinators are intimately familiar with locations' material and personnel, and they directly manage the movement of all critical, large and expedited shipments. Utilities and their vendors have our support 24-hours-per-day on virtually any issue related to transportation.

Freight Payment: bill audit and payment processing services

We provide in-house freight bill audit and payment processing services. These services include manual and electronic invoice audit at the line-item level. Invoices are also coded to work order or cost center as directed by the customer. We program our system to integrate with all ERP systems, eliminating the manual processing of freight invoices, and reducing A/P expenditures.

Consulting: uncovering opportunities to do business better

We evaluate utility requirements in the areas of freight management, carrier selection, contract negotiation, and site selection. In all cases we work to drive excess cost from the supply chain. Consulting engagements with many companies result in little more than extra expenses. Consulting with Ardmore produces high quality, efficient, well managed logistics strategies and implementation that reduces your bottom line cost.

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