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3rd Party Logistics For The Energy Industry

The energy industry in the United States is changing rapidly. Deregulation has opened up both growth opportunities and competitive pressures for energy companies. Although the industry may never fully deregulate, the arrival of competition has forced energy companies to look for new ways to reduce costs.

"Successful cost control in the energy supply chain requires balanced logistics solutions. Ardmore Power Logistics provides these solutions."

Historically, vendors have managed the transportation of purchased material. Many energy companies now view this transportation as a potential area for cost reduction, either independently or as part of an overall supply chain strategy. Recognizing the potential to manage costs in this area, and understanding it is not their core competency, energy companies have increasingly turned to logistics companies such as Ardmore for solutions.

Creating these solutions has been a challenge for logistics companies. Traditional logistics programs strive to implement solutions that are efficient and manageable. However, the fluid and complex requirements of the energy industry demand tremendous flexibility for shipping unique, high-dollar material from a wide variety of locations, often on short notice.

The clients' main investment lies in ensuring the production, flow or delivery of energy. Successful logistics solutions for the energy industry recognize this Successful programs are operationally oriented, generating savings through efficiency and service. Transportation cost reduction cannot be the exclusive goal. The safe and timely delivery of materials that ensure the production or flow of energy must drive the design of the program.

Ardmore Power Logistics provides these solutions.

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